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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

 These General Terms of Service apply to "you" as a member or/and an "advertiser" at vihits. You, as a registered member, You've confirmed that you have read, understood, and accepted our Terms of Use.

You can use VIHITS services only if you agree to our Terms of Service.


1: Members General Terms

1.1. You only allowed having 1 account per household or IP.

1.2. Transferring, selling, or sharing your account to/or with others is prohibited.

1.3. Using Proxy, VPS, VPN, shared network environments, or Auto-Click software are not allowed.

1.4. If you do not log in for more than 30 days your account will be inactive. 

1.5. Members that abuse our TOS, will be suspended.

1.6. We don't offer our services to IRAN country. 


2: Payment to Us

2.1. You can deposit via AirTM, Coinpayments, Payeer & Perfect money.

2.2. All purchases are Non-Refundable.


3: Payment to users

3.1. You need to have a valid email address or ID for your withdrawal method

3.2. We will pay members with Perfect Money and Payeer.

3.3. The minimum cashout is $0.50. 

3.4. Payments will be processed within 1 to 10 days. but it may take up to 15 business days for security reasons.

3.5. Investors must deposit 40% after each payment received.  The maximum withdraw is $6 for all memberships. it's subject to change. STANDARDS DONT NEED TO DEPOSIT TO WITHDRAW.


4: Referrals Terms

4.1. You may refer as many people as you wish.

4.2. You can only rent referrals when they are available and according to your current membership. The number of referrals is based on the referrer’s current membership

4.3. Each click made by your direct or rented referrals will be credited to your account instantly if you have met the click requirements from the previous day.


5: The Refund Policy

5.1. ALL the purchases are Finale.


6: Anti-Cheat Policy

6.1. Any attempt, to hack or try to harm our system will be logged.

6.2. You are not allowed to use anything that automates tasks or click ads for you, including, but not limited to any software, plugin, script or autoclicker.

6.3. The final result of any attempts of piracy is Ban!


7: Advertising Terms

7.1. We accept most types of advertisements except Pages that break out frames, have malicious codes, malware, viruses, have adult content, and illegal content. We also reserve the right to reject any advertisement that we don't see it fit to be displayed on our website.


8: Spam Terms

8.1. We hate spam as well as spam promoters. The only emails or messages you will receive from us are periodic emails with information about updates, site's specials, and issues. You'll never receive spam stuff. Members found spamming forums will get banned.


9: Accounts Termination

9.1. Abusing our terms including cheating will lead to suspension. We have the right to close any account for any valid reason. without previous notice.

10.1. Blacklisted Countries

IRAN is blacklisted and we don't offer them our services. Please, if you are from IRAN, don't use our services. We know all your dirty work. Even if you sign up from other countries we will catch you. I DONT WANT IRANIANS IN MY SITES.  DONT JOIN AND DONT EVEN LOOK AT OUR SITES. 


Date: 5/5/2020