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Payouts Time Frame
Published on 19-05-2020

Hi dear members,

This is to remind you that payouts are made within 1 to 10 business days.  it may take up to 15 days for security reasons.

Don't worry, if you working fairly then you will receive your payment 1000%.

Payouts and Proxy use
Published on 18-05-2020

Hello dear members,

I'm happy that our site is growing fast and many people are joining daily. But, one thing is not good at the start.

60% OF REQUESTED PAYOUTS VIA MEMBERS USED PROXY AND 2 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. This make us think that whoever use proxy they may have multiple accounts.

As I promised I will start sending payouts on Tuesday and when I started investigating accounts I found out that most used proxy. and we have refunded the payments. we only pay members with good IPs.

We dont pay users who use a proxy. Please, respect us and we will pay you for your fair work. So, if you used VPN/PROXY please dont request your payment because you'll not get paid. Work fairly i will pay you and give you bonuses. 

Best Regards!

We will be sending payments on Tuesday
Published on 17-05-2020

Hi dear members,

All pending payments will be sent on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards

Notice for blacklisted countries
Published on 14-05-2020

We don't offer our services to IRAN country. If you are from this country, please, don't sign up because you just will waste your time and don't get paid even you want to invest $50000 and you are from IRAN we still don't offer you our service. that is a final decision about this country.

NOTE: Only Iran blacklisted. We don't want to waste time suspending people and getting bad words from them.  all other countries are welcome to join. 

Weekend Offer(Expired)
Published on 09-05-2020

Hello Dear Members,

I hope you are enjoying earnings on Vihits.

Today I am going to give to Special Upgrade opportunity for those members  who's free membership expired.

Upgrade your account to get more benefits from Clicks and Referrals.

Bronze Membership $9.99    $7.99  +10 RR

Silver    Membership $21.99   $17.99 +15 RR

Gold Membership    $60.99    $50.99 + 20 RR

Please send us ticket after Deposit we upgrade your account Immediately.


Limited Time offer for 24 Hours Only.